Livepoint Art Production UAE

Studio Specification

Gallery Description Advance Description
Video Switcher Snell ,3 ME Kula Panel
Graphics System VizArt Design and Playout
Talkback System ClearCom IP Panels + Advance Floor manager System Qty 4
Video Server Ross ,4 In/Out bidirectional
Router Snell / Vega 64 in/Out
Satellite System Motorized antenna + professional receivers  HD Quaintly 2
IP Encoder/Decoder HD/SD Encoder/Decoder Over IP
Lighting Mixer FLX Lighting control LED
Vision Control Ikegami RCP+Master Unit OCP-300+MCP-300
Cuescript TelePrompTer + presenter preview Camera + Presenter Preview
Audio Mixer Studer Vista one Black Edition
Sennheiser 8 Mics Free hands + 6 Earpieces EM2050/SK2000
Audio Playout/record 360 Degicart Server + Panel control
Skype Professional Skype TX Newteck show
Hybrid Telephone 4 Lines
INEWS News System
Reuters Satellite Full package TXT, Feeds ,etc.
IP Telphone system  PBX Exchange System
Studio Equipment’s Description Advance Description
 Lighting System Arri Lighting Panels
Skypanel S60 – C
Skypanel S30 – C
L5 – C
L7 – C
Arri Fresnel 650W
Full RGB,Dimmers,Control
Cameras Ikegami HD/3G Quantity 5 HDK-97A2
Camera Lenses HD New Super Wide angle lens Stander HD Quantity 5
Cuescript Teleprompter Quantity 3
Vitec-Pedestal Pedestal Osprey Elite Studio Quantity 4
Crane Camera Cammate Travel series 9 Meter+ Professional Monitor
Studio Monitoring Trolley 55″ Display+2-way active monitor
Studio Curtain Black Full / arround the studio
Chrome Curtain Green W 1400 CM / H 480 CM
Studio Infrastructure Description
Size L 2450 CM / W 1450 CM
AC/System Three machine 42 tone
Isolation Full solution of soundproof STC 60
Other Facilities Big Door with 400CM/400CM and STC 54
Makeup room Available with size of 400CM/300CM and full equipment
Guests Room Available with size of 400CM/300CM and full furniture
Meeting and training room Avilable with size of L750CM/400CM and full furniture and QOMO QIT1365 65” tuch screen
Pantry Avilable with size of 480CM/210CM
CCTV Full security